Proform Hybrid Trainer

Well known for their treadmills, elliptical trainers, exercise bikes and more, Proform Exercise Equipment has developed a strong brand name in the fitness equipment industry. The extensive product line offers several models for every budget and goal, and is becoming the premier choice for home fitness.

Proform is the maker of the XT90 inclined training treadmill. The XT90 provides a low impact workout with integrated shock system, and provides the exerciser with an incline from 10% to 20% to increase the effort expended while walking or running on it. They claim this increases the calories burned by 4x, and anyone who has spent time walking or running up hills can attest to this.

As with most of Proform’s equipment, the XT90 is reasonably priced at less than $1000 dollars. This is one of several options for cardiovascular fitness in this price range. Popular treadmill models 790T and 1050T offer rugged construction as well as ample power and running belt space, while the ‘Epic View 550’ is suitable for a commercial gym.

Other areas the company shines in include strength equipment and outstanding exercise bikes. The stylish 290 SPX is offered in black with sporty red accents, and is built for a serious workout. Features include adjustable handlebars no-slip grips, toe cages to simulate the stability of a professional road bike, and a built-in cup holder for your water bottle.

The operation of this bike is made smooth and quiet by the use of a chain drive, and moving it from place to place is facilitated by front-side caster style wheels. The quality built into this bike is impressive, and comes with a five year warranty; and the price is under $600 dollars retail.

To complete the home gym, the strength and conditioning tools from Proform offer practical, effective, and space-saving choices. Use your own body weight to build impressive strength and muscle with the ‘Power Flex’ kit. This package comes with a set of rotating push-up handles, a multi-handled pull-up bar which attaches to the door frame, and elbow straps. This inexpensive package, under $100 dollars, will allow a person to perform strict push-ups, narrow and wide-grip pull-ups, plus hanging leg and knee raises just for starters.

If free weights are preferred, the ‘ProQuick 100’ dumbbells sit attractively in a space-efficient stand, and allow the trainee to employ from ten to fifty pounds of resistance on an endless variety of exercises. Using only dumbbells, you can perform squats, military and floor presses, curls, rows, and many more.

The proform exercise equipment choices are just right for getting a serious workout at home, and without the hassle and expense of the local gym.